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The future of iOS

It’s no surprise that apple’s iOS mobile operating system has been a hit since its inception. Many people are wondering what the future holds and what there mobile devices will become over the next several years. iOS is by far the most polished mobile operating system of the bunch. It is possible to conceive that it will emerge as the winner in the mobile OS world. Lets face it, Android is fragmented, it is everything that Steve Jobs did not want to happen to iOS. Android tablet apps are often just stretched out phone apps. The Android system is plagued with bugs and glitches. Sure android devices can do some pretty cool things but are they practical?┬áiOS tablet apps are intuitive, smooth and visually pleasing. I was shocked when I first purchased the my iPad and realized what I was missing. It seems like for every iPhone app there is an iPad counterpart that is twice as useful. I actually barley use my iPhone now because my the iPad apps have so much more to them. With every iOS updated and iPad release it seems that the “app eco system” grows stronger. Its is ingesting to think about what the future holds for this already speedy and polished OS.

iPads are starting to be more useful than computers…

The iOS developers have produced an app for almost everything, but Apple updates the OS with new Api’s every year that give developers the chance to make there apps even better. In many cases it is already easier to use your iPad for certain tasks than you computer. Things like checking e-mail and reading the news are just a lot faster. As the OS grows and becomes more developed we can be certain that even more things will just be “better” on a iPad vs a computer. For example I still use my computer for image editing programs like Gimp. I can’t wait till there is a real image editing software for my iPad. You can see from programs like iMovie that this software is defiantly possible in iOS. With a touch interface and smooth operation it will likely become a task that is just easier to do on your iPad.

The more iOS devices sold the most the OS will grow…

The iPad is now being sold in many country’s across the world. It is likely that as more country’s become more industrialized that everyone on the planet will want a tablet of some kind. Just a fraction of the worlds population currently own’s a tablet. The more people that buy iOS devices the healthier the app market will become. This will also provide apple with more money to develop iOS. It will also encourage developers to constantly make their app better and more useful.

Its the little things in the software that will make iOS great in the future…

As iOS continues to be developed its the little things that will make a big difference. The little things that make it more like a powerful computer in your hands. The little things that make it better than computer. The minor software tweaks all add up to a more polished and useful OS.

Hardware improvements will also spur iOS growth…

I believe that we are getting ready to break a barrier. Every iOS device that has been released has been a little faster the the last. I believe that the next processor will break a barrier making speed a non issue. If the next apple processor after the A6 is much faster, then app developers will no longer have any limitations. They will have virtually unlimited processing power and can build apps accordingly. App developers will then be able to create apps that are extremely useful and rival those on desktops.

Wireless network advances will also spur iOS software development…

Widespread LTE networks will also help development. Developers will not be restricted with wireless speeds and will be able to build apps accordingly. You will see more apps that take advantage of this technology. You will most likely seem more augmented reality apps that need a fast Internet connection to be useable. Who’s knows how fast the next wireless advancement will be after LTE? I think that will break another barrier and spur growth for apps that will require huge amounts of bandwidth but will be very creative and advanced. I also believe this will allow Siri to do a lot more.

Siri will also grow into a very useful assistant…

It is likely that Siri will become very advanced in the future. She will be able to understand more and will also be smarter. People are already using Siri everyday and I think it will become more widespread. I use her often when I want to search for things on the web because it is just easier than typing everything into the Google search box.

That being said, iOS is sure to become very advanced OS in the future.

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