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The Future Of Mobile Processor Technology

Many people wonder just how fast mobile processors will be in the future. Just in the past three years mobile processors have experienced a huge technological advancement. Mobile processors now have multiple cores and can process information very quickly. I believe that over the next year mobile processors will surpass software. Up until recently mobile apps have been limited because processor speeds. It is interesting to think about what the future hold when these processors are released and give app developers virtually unlimited processing power.

Faster mobile processors will spur software development…

It is conceivable that faster mobile processors will spur software growth and usability. Mobile software on tablets will become much more advanced and useful. Software developers will also embrace multi-core technology and apps will no longer have any wait time.

Processor efficiency will remain key…

Today’s mobile processors a very energy efficient. This will continue to be a major focus because device manufactures want to make products that are super thin and cannot house a large battery. Also the average user enjoys having good battery life.

We are in an exciting time and our kids will likely see some very major technological advances in there lifetime.

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