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Using technology to manage high risk auto Insurance

These days insurance companies do not like to insure high risk drivers because they are worried about getting sued.  In some cases high risk drivers can not find insurance because they have a bad driving record.  Staybull Insurance utilizes the latest technology to find high risk auto insurance for Florida drivers.  The software they use searches multiple companies to find out who will accepted these drivers and who has the best rate.  This is a good example of how technology has impacted the insurance industry.  Years ago these drivers would of been forced to call ten insurance companies before they could find coverage.  Now they can just give one agency a call and find the best rate possible.  This has helped many Floridians find coverage in the private market.  In most cases these individuals would have been paying much more for coverage because they simply would not have found the companies with the best rate.  Risk management has been greatly improved by technology in recent years.  Insurance companies are using computer systems to automatically provide rates and make sure those rates are actuarially sound.  Computers can rate individuals on many risk factors and can decide what rate is “profitable” for the company.  Some of these risk factors include age, sex, location etc.  Computers can also determine rates using historical data from individuals with similar risk factors.  This gives insurance companies the tools they need to charge the correct rates and make sure that every policy is profitable.  It is unclear what the future will hold for the insurance industry as more and more people are shopping online.  Insurance agents might be pushed out of the market as computers are able to do everything an insurance agent can do.  The older generation still relies on insurance agents because they would rather talk to a real person.  Technology is expected to radically change the insurance industry in the coming years.  Hopefully this technology will help consumers connect with the best possible options on the market.  It can also hurt the insurance industry in ways we do not yet know.

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