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Philips Hue Connected Wifi lights specs and review


The Philips Hue Connected WIFI-enabled lights give you a look and what lighting will be like in the future. These lights can be controlled from your iPad, iPhone, or android device. The philips hue system lets you create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. They can change color on a dime and be programmed when to turn on. Philips has created the first “real” smart light bulbs with the Hue system. Thomas Edison would be proud to see how far the lightbulb has come. Please watch the Philips Hue video below to get an idea of what this lighting system is like.



Philips Hue Wifi lights Specs

Bulbs are 600 lumens and produce all shades of white, from warm to cold, and a variety of color.


Philips Hue bulbs use 80% less power than a traditional light bulbs.

Extend your lighting system with additional single bulbs

Wireless connectivity via bridge thats connected to you router

Create light settings based on photos

Can be controlled via iOS and android including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


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Nikon 1 J1 27528 Specs and review

The Nikon 1 J1 is an impressive camera. The camera is one of the newest in Nikon product line. The Nikon 1 J1 is a mirror-less compact camera with a 10.1 megapixel lens. The Nikon 1 J1 can also record full 1080p video. This camera seems to be a good choice if you want something that takes great pictures but is not priced out of reach. It’s compact design make it easy to fit in a handbag so you can catch those spur of the moment shots. See Engadget’s video review below.

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Ipad mini case reviews

Published on November 18, 2012 by in apple

Well your probably wondering how your going to protect you new best friend. We have compiled some case reviews for the new iPad mini for you consideration. The iPad mini has a very sleek and thin form factor so you might not want to put a big bulky case on it. If you bought the iPad mini for your rambunctious teen you may want to take a look at the otter box defender case. If you into fashion you might want to go for the new Denim Joy Case.

The Joy Factory Denim case for iPad mini is a sleek, slim and fashionable case. The case has a pocket on the front to put little things like your ID and debit card. The case can be considered expensive in comparison to other cases but you pay for the quality that the Joy Factory puts into its products.

The Otterbox Defender for iPad mini is a good option if you have a habit of breaking your idevices. The iPad mini has the new anodized aluminum back that does not have much of a grip at all. The defender case is also a good choice if you are buy the mini for a child.

The Envellop case for iPad mini is a good inexpensive choice. The case has gotten good reviews and it is typically available for under $15. The Envellop case is also a Smart Cover, so it will automatically turn the screen on when you open it and off when you close it.

The Snugg case for iPad mini is a good all around case. The case has an excellent stand built in and protects the iPad mini very well. Snugg is also know for making very good quality cases that don’t fall apart after a month or two of normal use.

The Incipio NGP case for iPad mini is also a good inexpensive choice. Although the case does not protect the screen it does provide protection for the back of the mini and has a nice grip.

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How to Tap Into Technology to Save Money on Insurance

Published on November 5, 2012 by in Uncategorized

Insurance is one of those things that we all need but often put of buying because it’s not as fun or interesting as a flat screen TV. Fortunately, a few technological innovations (especially web-based) have made it super-easy to find affordable life insurance and health insurance policies.

Why Buy Insurance Online?

A common roadblock for people that need insurance but don’t end up purchasing it is the fact that they have to go to their local broker. Besides the energy required to go to their office and listen to their biased speech, there’s the fact that you never know if you’re getting the best deal.

Thanks to the web, this isn’t a problem anymore. According to this article, you can literally get 15-20 life insurance quotes in an hour or so of research (the same, of course, can be done for health insurance, home insurance etc.). Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

This not only means you can see what policies are best for you (as they often have very different coverage), but you can compare prices. And if you want to save money on your monthly premiums (who doesn’t), shopping online is the only logical solution. And you can purchase a policy in minutes without having to leave your living room!

In other words, the insurance broker is more or less obsolete.

Read Online ReviewsLife Insurance Family

Once you have a list of potential insurance providers, it’s time to do your homework to see if they have positive reviews online. Sure, the company may look reputable and offer a great monthly premium, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be there when you need them.

And in lieu of actually having disaster strike, reading reviews from people like you is the easiest way to find out about your targets.

Thanks to the advent of web 2.0, finding honest user reviews has never been easier. You can easily type your potential company’s name into your favorite search engine and see what people are saying. And if you really want to dig deep you can head over to review sites like or Here you’ll read stories and insights of how well the company treats its customers.

If you find that a company has a poor reputation and a cheap rate you may want to consider spending more to work with an insurance company that’s legit and trustworthy.

Check out if you need Florida Boat Insurance and if you need DUI Insurance in Florida.

Florida Rental Property Insurance

Florida Tow Truck Insurance 

Florida Commercial Auto Insurance

Florida FR44 Insurance

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How Technology Has Allowed More People to Start Working From Home

Published on October 26, 2012 by in Uncategorized

Woman Working From HomeAccording to this article from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost a quarter of all people did some of their work at home in 2010. The site adds that this trend is set to explode in the coming decade. And why not? With broadband internet and other technological advances, working from home has never been easier. Here are a few technological advances that have allowed people to do their work from wherever they’d like.

High Speed Internet

Most people go through the hassle of commuting to an office only to spend their day online. More and more employers realize that work can be done at home. While slow internet speeds made certain work (such as graphic design and corresponding with clients) challenging, high speed internet coming into the home has made it so almost anything can be done online.

In fact, some people aren’t just doing “career work” online. They’re actually taking surveys from their home, freelance writing and generally making money however and wherever they please.

Work Flow Software

In the early days of the internet handling big projects was a real hassle. Even large scale projects with 50+ people working had to be done via email. Thankfully, the advent of work flow software has allowed large teams to handle large projects with ease. For example Basecamp is a software program used by millions of teams that allows them to collaborate like never before.

Advanced Freelance Websites

Freelancing has come a long way since old-school forums first burst onto the web in the mid 1990s. Sites like Elance, Odesk and Vworker have revolutionized how people do work around the glove. For example, you can now recruit, hire, collaborate and pay a worker safely and securely through one single website. This is an unappreciated step forward that has allowed thousands to escape their 9-5 and start working for themselves.


Woman Working From Home

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