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Will Microsoft Surface be practical and affordable one day?

Published on May 17, 2010 by in Uncategorized

Will Microsoft Surface be affordable and practical one day? The software giant Microsoft has been hurting a lil bit these days. More and more people are switching to macs because they are experincing fewer problems. Despite the success of windows 7, windows mobile has been a failer. Microsoft needs something to succeed in a big way. Surface is a muiltitouch computer system that users interact with completely by touch. The commercial for Microsoft surface are pretty intresting and look like something that would be cool to have. Users will be able to put their camera on a table and the pictures will virtualy just fall out on the table. You will be able to put your phone on the table and trade pictures with your friends by simply draging it from phone to phone. Mp3 players will be able to send media to surface with an awsome user interface. With all great things problems usally arise. Manufactures may not adopt surface so many devices may have limited connectivity. Also micosoft surface is not very practical and may be expensive for awhile. For now we can all dream of having this sweet computer and hope one day it becomes affordable and practical.

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Htc Android “incredible” specs and review

Published on May 17, 2010 by in Android

The new htc incredible is an incredible android powered device. This powerful device includes a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 8GB of internal storage, 748MB of ROM, a microSD slot (supports up to 32GB sd cards), an 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and autofocus, 480 x 800 AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, and most importantly, Android 2.1. The device has launched on the verizon’s high speed 3g network and has sold out and is currently on backorder. The Htc incredible surpassed initial sales of the “droid” android device. Future sales of the Htc incredible are expected to be strong and will help further the mobile advertising lead that android currently has over the iphone. More and more android phones and apps are coming on to the market and that increases the markets momentum. The android market now has over 55,000 apps to modify your phone. With it’s amazing specs and it’s good looks it is not a wonder why it is flying off the shelf. You can order the Htc android Incredible for $159 from amazon.


4.63″ x 2.3″ x 0.47″, 4.59 oz.
Android 2.1 “Eclair” with Sense UI
1GHz Snapdragon QSG8650 processor
512MB ROM / 512MB RAM
Dual-band EV-DO Rev. A
802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
3.7″ WVGA OLED capacitive display
8 megapixel camera with auto-focus and video capture
HTML browser with Flash Lite 4.0
Microsoft Exchange support
8GB internal memory
microSD support for up to 32GB
3.5mm headphone jack
312 minutes talk time / 149 hours standby
Pre-loaded with Google Calendar, Gmail, Search, Maps, Latitude, Navigation and Talk

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Will future telescopes let us see far away planets?

Published on May 12, 2010 by in Uncategorized

Your looking at what has been called the most important picture ever taken. It is a little fuzzy you might be saying to yourself but soon you will know why. This picture was taken by Nasa Hubble telescope. Nasa took a chance and pointed the telescope at a patch of sky the that had little or no stars. From the human eye here in earth the amount of space we could see was about the size of a grain of sand in the sky. It took days to complete the image and people thought it was stupid to take a picture of a patch of space that looked so desolate. Then the pictures cam back and what they found was stunning. Each of the star like things in the picture are complete galaxies. They found that their are billions of galaxies and each of them contain millions of stars. With Many potential planets in orbit of those stars. In light of this it is almost obscene to think that their is not life on other planets. We are actually looking into the past when you see this image. The light photons had to travel 450 million light years to reach the Hubble telescope. The question is as technology advances how much better will these images get. In the future, will we be able to build a new telescope that will be able to take pictures of planets in these far off galaxies? Could we see if their was life on a planet that actually happened 450 million years ago. Could we one day capture these photons of a distant planet? Or could we ever send radio waves that a distant planet could receive 450 million years from now and give them a feed of our culture that’s happening today? How far away will we be able to see with these future telescopes? As telescope technology advances it will we interesting to see what we will be able to see in the future. Below is a picture of the small patch of sky that contained the massive amount of galaxies in the Hubbles ultra deep field images.

The video below is by Stephen Hawking. It is an great video that will give you some insight into how big the universe is and what things are posable.

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Will technology breed future economic terrorism?

Published on May 10, 2010 by in Uncategorized

On May 6th, 2010 the stock market took a sudden 800 point drop. Investors didn’t know what had happened. The securities exchange commission also had no immediate idea of what had happened. Traders got scared that they lost a lot of money. Some stocks went down to a couple dollars and in some cases zero. So investors started buying share thinking they were getting them at an awesome price while others tried to sell their stock to try to get what little money they had left. The securities exchange common had to void every stock transaction in a twenty minute time frame to immediately remedy the problem. They still were not completely sure of what had happened. Then news broke that someone may have hit the wrong key on a keyboard that may have caused the massive dip. My first reaction was immediate shock that it was even possible. I couldn’t fathom that this day and age our society could be so strong in ways and yet could have enormous security treats in our economy. That brings me to my question, will modern technology ever bring us new terrorist attacks on our economy? If something could happen that easily, could hackers from over seas get into the markets and use technology to cause a major economic meltdown? It should bother all of us that pressing a key could threaten global livelihood. Economic terrorism will always be on the mind of terrorist, because it is a way to affect america and other countries as a whole. Hopefully these security holes with be completely sealed one day but these days evil is still just behind good.

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Ipad 3g released ipad os in early developement

Published on May 5, 2010 by in Mac

Apple has sold over one million iPads since it’s release date. Apple predicts it will have sold 1.5 million iPads by the end of may for a total of 1 billion dollars. I think that the general consensus is that the iPad is going to be a success. The iPad runs a version of the iPhone os. It is likely it will branch off and evolve into a very different os than the iPhone has. It will be updated along side of the iPhone but they will be different in many was. It is likely that the software development kits will stay similar so developers can develop apps for the iPhone and iPad with ease. It is interesting to wonder how the iPad os will evolve being that it is still in very early stages of development. We already know that it will gain multitasking like the iphone soon because apple has already announced it. I am wondering what else apple will release with that 4.0 update. The iPad will probably be capable of more than the iPhone in the future. If you could do more with it like print it would be more efficient than laptops because you could do every day computing much faster. The iPads os is fast and clean as the iPhone’s os is. As the iPads os is further developed enabling it to do more things it is likely it will take more and more market share from net books and laptops.

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